Lois-Ann Snyder 2017 PM Specialty Critique

I would like to to thank the members of the Northern Cascades Saluki Fanciers for the honor and privilege of Judging at their show this past August. Their hospitality and that of the Argus Ranch was outstanding. The Sauki entry was of the highest quality and my decisions were not made lightly. The only downside to the day was the extremely high temperature, (I believe it was over a hundred.) I am sure that some of the Salukis and their owners, already having shown in the morning, were not at their best. I am also sure that after judging in that heat I was not at my best!

Winners Dog PM

2017 PM Winner’s Dog – Can Ch, Am Ch Krimzyn Kumamia Kareem Malad at Lahhabeh

My Winners Dog was the black and tan smooth, Krymzyn Kumamia Kareem Malad at Lahhabeh. He is a masculine dog of moderate build and I especially liked his well arched neck. His very light and balanced movement earned him the top award on the day.

Reserve Dog to the cream, Scimitar Storm Chaser of Miriah, He is a of a very different type yet one I admire as well. He is of moderate size and has a lovely outline. on this day he simply was out moved by the winners dog.

Winners Bitch PM

2017 PM Winner’s Bitch / Best of Winners – Santana Sirianni Come Monday

Winners Bitch and Best of Winners was the black and tan smooth, Santana Sirianni Come Monday. What is not to love? This bitch has a beautiful outline, moderate angles, well let down hocks, a great Saluki bitch attitude and wonderful light movement. the only thing that kept her from a higher award was her lack of maturity and that is easily remedied by time.

Reserve Bitch PM

2017 PM Reserve Bitch – Vindhem Kyzyl Kum Maha Callista

Reserve Bitch was the cream smooth, Vindhem Kyzl Kum Maha Callista. She was also rewarded for her smooth outline both standing and on the move.

Best in Specialty Show PM

2017 PM Best in Specialty Show, Scimitar’s Arctic Hurricane

Best of Breed, GCH Scimitars Arctic Hurricane, A red feathered dog with correct, moderate angles, well up on leg, and with a beautiful outline. He is a lovely moving dog with great balance.

Best Opp Sex PM

2017 PM Best Opposite Sex – GChB Al Sayad Dar Caribbean Cadence, JC

Best Opposite Sex went to GCHB Al Sayad Dar Caribbean Cadence a grizzle smooth. She is as feminine a bitch as my breed dog is masculine yet possessing many of the same attributes and an especially lovely outline.

Select Bitch PM

2017 PM Select Bitch – GCh Sirianni Scimitar Perfect Storm

Select Bitch went to the red feathered GCH Sirianni Scimitar Perfect Storm. She is a beautiful bitch with the prettiest expression I could hope for, a gorgeous underline, rear and front assembly. Unfortunately she wasn’t showing her best on the day. I can only blame the weather.

Select Dog Best Vet PM

2017 PM Select Dog / Best Veteran – GCh Kyzyl Kum Temujin, JC

Select Dog was the 10-12 year old veteran GCH Kyzl Kum Temujim JC. A black and white parti smooth who is just that both standing and moving, very sound and is in very good condition.

My Awards of Merit went to CH Scimitars Storm Chaser a cream feathered bitch who is a bit longer cast than some of my winners but possessing a great underline and front assembly. And to DC Freespirit’s Almost Midnight at Kushiel SC, the black and tan feathered veteran bitch from the 7-10 year class. She is short backed, balanced, moderate and has the most glorious short hocks of my entire entry.

Perhaps from my comments above the reader can deduce my priorities while judging? I am looking for the Saluki whose outline is unmistakably that of the breed from across the ring and even across the show grounds. My ideal dog is well up on leg, has a short strong back, slightly arched loin and a distinct underline. He has laid back shoulders and a slight amount of return of upper arm. A correct rear assembly drives a coursing hound and this requires a long first thigh, short well muscled second thigh and well let down hocks so these attributes are important in my decisions. I am looking for light, balanced movement and a Saluki who is driving off of his rear. I found these qualities in my winners and many of the entire entry.

Thank- you again for the pleasure of judging your hounds.
Lois-Ann Snyder