Lure Coursing and Racing

Bred to hunt quick, agile prey such as hare and gazelle, salukis love nothing better than to run!

In lure coursing, a motor drags plastic bags (“bunnies”) around a 600-1200 yd course. With frequent changes in direction and long straights, luring coursing shows off the dogs’ natural hunting abilities. Up to three salukis course the field at one time and are graded for points. The winner of the Saluki breed is then eligible to compete in the Best in Field event against other sighthounds at the end of the meet.

In racing, up to 4 salukis compete against each other in a 200yd straight or a 350yd oval course.

Both coursing and racing are virtually guaranteed to become your saluki’s favorite pastimes.

ASFA* – The original sporting body of lure coursing
NOTRA – National Oval Track Racing Association, 350yds of circular racing fun
LGRA – Large Gazehound Racing Association, 200yds of straight line racing
ASFA Region 1 – Home page for all lure coursing and racing events in the Pacific Northwest

*Other lure coursing events can be found by searching the AKC website

Header Image by olyhillary photograhy