Breeder Referral

If you are interested in getting a Saluki Puppy or Adult we would be happy to help connect you with a breeder in your area. We recommend that all new Saluki fanciers visit Salukis in a home environment. Getting to know how our breed is different from most other types of dogs, and if they are the right fit for your family. We recommend that you develop a plan, make sure to have a good fenced environment for plenty of exercise, and remember it is a lifelong commitment to bring a puppy of any breed into your family.

There are two litters planned for Fall – Winter 2022 in the Aberdeen and Gig Harbor WA areas. Once Puppies are confirmed/available we will update this notice. For inquiries or questions you are always welcome to email us and we will connect you with the breeder(s). 

For information on available Salukis and expected litters within the USA please go to the Breeder Referral contact form on the Saluki Club of America website.

If you would like to learn more about Saluki Pedigrees, available puppies, and upcoming litter plans from around the globe please visit: