Stephen Wailes 2017 PM Specialty Critique

AM Judge Stephen Wailes wrote a fantastic critique of the winners:


Friday August 5th 2016

Judge : Mr Stephen Wailes (Australia) Lamaan Salukis

Firstly a huge thank you for this judging opportunity. The facility at Argus Ranch is truly a sensational place to hold a show, and the hospitality at this facility was just wonderful. Beautiful surrounds. Trophy table looked fantastic. Congratulations to a group of very friendly exhibitors, and the general presentation of their salukis. Almost all were in beautiful condition, moderate and with very good temperaments. Congratulations.

At the Best of Breed level, many otherwise beautiful salukis did not take home any awards.

A comment I made at Lexington several years ago, was that it was disappointing not to have the second placing from the Veteran Class come back into the ring, if the first place winner took the major award. I could make this same comment with the second placed veteran dog, who really was quite outstanding, and worthy of further consideration.

Be careful regarding breeding and size. Our Standard calls for variation in size, so keep this in mind with your breeding programs.

1. Bennet’s AL SAYAD ISIS FREQUENCY. Golden smooth boy and a very promising youngster. Pleasing head piece & expression. Strength to his neck which flowed into well laid shoulders. Good topline and angles. Light on his feet and very clean going around the ring. Steady temperament. Stood alone but lots to like.


1. Dillman & Jones’ KRIMZYN KUMAMIA KAREEM MALAD AT LAHHABEH. Black and silver smooth boy with a lovely head piece & neck into clean well laid shoulders. Another light easy mover. Moderate throughout. Good topline. On the tallish side but very promising. RESERVE WINNERS DOG.

2. Partin, Robbins & Partin’s KUSHIEL’S SPIRIT OF BRAVEHEART. A black and silver feathered boy who is moderate throughout. Pleasing head piece and lovely crest to his neck. Good topline. Not as flowing on the move as number one, and I prefer the shoulders angles on the boy before.

3. Kelly-Burns & Hayden’s 7SEAS D’ANSOR CASPIAN PRINCE OF THE SEA. Black fringed fawn boy. Pleasing head piece and lovely expression. Good overall outline. Would prefer more fill in to front.


1. Taylor & Barth’s MAZADA MATA SHIRAZ THE LIFE OF THE PARTI. Gold and white parti feathered boy with super expression and head piece. One of the best front assemblies I saw on the day. Good topline and depth to his underline. Sound, moderate and clean on the go around. Moderately put together with clean flowing lines. Good feet. Not the top of the range in size which I really liked. BEST OF WINNERS DOG & BEST OF WINNERS.

2. Mitchell’s LIGHTSPEED CAPRICORN’S THE ONE. Cream feathered boy with a masculine head piece. Not the fill of one but good shoulders and return of upper arm. Strong topline and prominent hipbones. Moderate throughout.

3. Srinagar & Rushwind Kennels’ SRINAGAR ATUM-RA IBN ZEPHYR THE BELOVED. Black fringed red feathered boy who was not liking the heat at all. A quality head piece and a soft expression. Really good front angles but a bit overdone behind. Good depth of rib cage and excellent fill in front. Pleasing topline.


1. Snyder’s ZIA DRAGON’S MILK FOR IMPALA. Cream smooth girl. Her steady temperament won this class. Good outline and moderate build. Not so settled on the move today. Better depth to brisket than 2.

2. Bennet’s AL SAYAD ISIS JAMILA AL MAAS PARFAIT 7SEAS. This pretty little grizzle smooth girl was not wanting to be here at all, which was a shame. The better mover in this class but straighter in front assembly.


1. Jones’ CANAPUS IMPERIA. Black fringed fawn feathered girl with mask shading. Stood alone but a quality girl. Pretty head piece but eyes could be a tad larger. High placement to ears. A lovely curvy outline. Neck into shoulders and topline, all flowing cleanly and a really pleasing underline. Good angles throughout. Moderate and fit. Light and effortless on the go around. Loved the dark pigment. Very promising for her age. BEST PUPPY.


1. Duggan’s TEZZY AV VILJE OG VE. Smooth gold and white parti with lovely conformation for her age. Good depth of brisket and another lovely underline & topline. Shapely girl. Light mover and strong rear end. Moving a little close in front at this time. Prefer more underjaw.

2. Mayea & Burns’ 7SEAS PARFAIT BEHOLDER AT ZANSKAR. Young dark grizzle feathered girl who needs to drop into her angles. Feminine head piece with soft expression and good underjaw. Needs time to mature.


1. Steiner & Taylor’s SCIMITARS STORM CHASER. Feathered cream with curvy and shapely outline. Very feminine with a lovely headpiece & soft expression. Good size and moderate with correct bone and feet. My only criticism of this bitch is I would prefer more fill. Lovely and sound on the move. WINNERS BITCH.

2. Rosales & Parton’s KUSHIELS HEART SONG FOR NOELLE. Black fringed red girl and another very feminine and shapely girl with so many attributes. Very close between these first two girls. Topline and underline are so good. Width to upper thigh not as good as bitch before. RESERVE WINNERS BITCH.

3. Kelly-Burns & Collins’ 7SEAS PARFAIT AVALON ARJEAN OF KEFFIYEH. Smooth grizzle girl who is nicely put together. Lovely head piece and expression. Good feet. Shoulder placement not as good as the two before. Very good topline and underline.


1. Rushwind Kennels’ RUSHWIND’S AL NADIRAH. Small cream feathered bitch of beautiful type, but on the day, not in good show condition. Best outline & front in this class, and such a clean sound mover. Loved her. Moderate throughout. Pigment could be better.

2. Dillman & LaBrache Brown’s RED HAWK’S QADIRA WAFIQA. Black fringed feathered fawn who was feminine and quite pretty. Loved her expression. Not as good in front angles. Moderate with tiny waist.

3. Duggan’s KYZYL KUM PAT BENATAR. Black and silver smooth with heaps to like, although her upright front assembly let her down. Feminine head and an easy light mover.

These were a stunning pair of boys, and a joy to go over. Hated having to split them

1. Jones, Brown, Manthou & Lane’s G CH DADAELIS BZANTIUM KOKKINOS PETHI. Mahogany smooth who had everything going for him on the day. Beautiful but masculine head piece, excellent front assembly. Excellent angle to croup and width to upper thigh. Very shapely and nothing out of place. Moderate and fit and in mint condition. Beautiful underline and strong topline. A clean, sound, and light mover. BEST OF BREED, BEST VETERAN & BEST DOG

2. Duggan’s G CH KYZYL KUM TEMUJIN. Black and white smooth parti boy whose smaller size really appealed. Another very pleasing head piece. A balanced front assembly with an excellent return of upper arm. Good depth of brisket, strong topline and pleasing underline. Width to upper thigh. Moderate and sound on the move….light and easy action. A quality dog.


1. Hayden, Mayea & Bennett’s CH D’ANSOR DAR BE’ANCE AL SAYAD. Black and silver smooth grizzle girl. So pretty with super eyes and expression. A quality bitch who was clean and light on her feet. Good return of upper arm but shoulders a little steep. Good topline and fall away to croup. Strong upper thigh. Good depth to feet. A sound mover in all directions.


Best of Breed : Jones, Brown, Manthou & Lane’s G CH DADAELIS BZANTIUM KOKKINOS PETHI.

Best of Winners: Taylors & Barth’s MAZADA MATA SHIRAZ THE LIFE OF THE PARTI.

Best Opposite sex: Parton, Parton & White’s DC FREESPIRITS ALMOST MIDNIGHT AT KUSHIEL. Lovely black and silver feathered girl. Pleasing head piece and beautifully put together. Moderate and fit. Good clean lines from neck through to topline, and a pleasing underline. Light and easy on the go around. Sound.

Select dog: Steiner’s CH SCIMITARS ARTIC HURRICANE. Red feathered boy who is refined and elegant. Beautiful head piece and soft expression. Moderately put together with strong back end on him. Very sound in all directions. Good topline and underline.

Select bitch: Sirianni’s CH SIRIANNI SCIMITAR PERFECT STORM. A red feathered girl with a lovely feminine head piece and gorgeous expression. Clean lines throughout. Moderate and sound on the move. Excellent proportions. Elegant.

Award of merit: Snyder’s G CH IMPALA LADIES LOVE OUTLAWS. Black and tan feathered boy with super moderate proportions throughout. Beautiful on the go around. Clean and sound coming and going. Good proportions to headpiece but I would have liked a tad more stop. Very good front assembly and balanced moderate rear end. A quality & typey dog.

Award of merit: Steiner & Taylor’s SCIMITARS STORM CHASER.